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Proven Growth Practitioners Share Actionable Advice To Help You Grow Your Startup

I've brought together a group of individuals, that combined, represent hundreds of millions of users acquired and billions of dollars in value created. They've got the knowledge and experience you need to grow. Sign up above to access it.



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My name is William Griggs and I'm a product manager and customer acquisition strategist who has helped numerous startups grow, including companies backed by Andreessen Horowitz, FLOODGATE, Techstars, & 500 Startups. In addition to my work with startups, I have written for Mashable, VentureBeat, & ReadWrite. You can check out my podcast on iTunes or follow me on Twitter @william_griggs for Tweets chock-full of delicious knowledge nuggets. In addition to everything startups, I love breakfast tacos, dogs, short emails, and Amazon Prime.

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Who this is for

  • Founders
  • CEOs
  • Growth Hackers
  • Product Managers
  • Marketers
  • Wantrepreneurs
  • Venture Capitalists 

What's included

  • 43 Page Action Guide (PDF)
  • 2.5+ Hours Of Audio Interviews (MP3) With The Growth Practitioners Listed Above
  • 5 Pages Filled With Suggested Growth Resources (PDF)
  • Print Ready Infographic Growth Checklist

An Early-Stage Founder’s Quick & Dirty Guide To Growth

Does this sound like you?

- I'm ready to really grow my startup
I'm confused about what I need to do to grow
I'm concerned about raising my next round of funding
I'm worried about how to acquire customers
I'm fearful that I'm wasting time on a startup that's not going anywhere

If so, you're in the right place. The content in this guide was designed just for you.

Access your growth guide!Access your growth guide!

Why I created this

I meet with a good number of early-stage entrepreneurs and growth weighs heavily on their minds. The clock is ticking and they need to show results. The problem is many of them don't know what to do. I created this guide to give early-stage entrepreneurs everywhere a proven playbook they can pick up regardless of where they are in the process. 

Learn The Skills, Tactics, & Strategies These Companies Used To Grow

Fact: You won't regret it.

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- How to design your company to grow fast
- Common myths & fundamental understandings around growth
- How to ensure you are making something lots of people want
- How to ensure you reach and serve all those people
- What to do if you don’t have product/market fit yet
- Three principles for driving quantifiable growth
- What to look for in your first full-time hire focused on growth
- A checklist of things you should start doing today


What's inside the guide

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