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Exclusive, Invite-Only Growth Mastermind In Austin, Texas

Founded in 2014, Growth Collective (GC) is an exclusive, invite only mastermind group for growth-focused marketers, engineers, and product managers inside fast growing, technology start-ups. Once a month, we bring together some of the biggest brains in the industry to reveal their tips, secrets, and strategies for growth.
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"The connections I have made at Growth Collective have already proved invaluable. I regularly hit members up for solutions or ideas that have saved weeks of trial and error on my end."
Craig Barrett
VP of Marketing
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Expedite Your Professional Development
Join a network of peers that will take your skills, knowledge, and confidence to the next level.
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"The quality of content and people at Growth Collective has been top notch. I always walk away from each session having learned something new. "
Marissa Sternberg
Philip has spent the majority of his career at successful high growth startups in a variety of roles spanning Sales, Partner Management, Marketing, Business Development, and most recently Product. In his spare time, he also has served as an e-commerce and SaaS consultant for multiple early-stage ventures. He's a passionate problem solver who's obsessed with delivering the best possible user experience.
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Dr. Ohm is a product and marketing optimization scientist for medium-sized startups.  She is an expert at A/B testing, data-driven product design, and strategic growth.  Additionally she also operates as a product manager for reporting and analytics suites.  In her spare time she enjoys improv theater, painting, and mountain biking.
Tyler Durman is a product marketing and market development practitioner whose work has accelerated the growth of startups backed by Mohr Davidow Ventures, Chicago Ventures, and FLOODGATE. Currently, Tyler is responsible for partnerships and product marketing initiatives at OneSpot, the only cross-channel personalization solution for Fortune 2000 content marketers. When not hard at work, Tyler loves playing guitar, searching for the next great breakfast taco in Austin, enjoying both cold and warm beverages, and visiting close friends around the country. Start a conversation with Tyler on Twitter (@durmantyler) or LinkedIn.

William Griggs is a product and customer acquisition strategist who has helped numerous startups including companies backed by Andreessen Horowitz, FLOODGATE, & 500 Startups. In addition to his work with startups, he has written for Mashable, VentureBeat, & ReadWrite. You can check out his podcast at or follow him on Twitter @william_griggs for Tweets chock-full of delicious knowledge nuggets. In addition to everything startups, William loves breakfast tacos, dogs, short emails, and Amazon Prime.

Travis Devitt is currently the Director of Growth at Aceable Inc., an Austin based startup focused on mobile education. Travis is also involved as an angel investor and board member of several other startups based in Austin and San Francisco. Previously he worked as a hedge fund analyst for seven years. He is a graduate of UT Austin where he majored in Finance and the Business Honors Program, as well as a graduate of the Growth track at Tradecraft which focuses on developing skills for traction roles at high growth startups. Besides building businesses, he loves outdoor adventures, scuba diving, and running Town Lake. Follow him on Twitter @travisdevitt

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